Comparing Ferguson to the OJ Simpson case

by Dr. Micaela Wexler

In the days since the tragic events in Ferguson Monday night, I have seen an appalling number of Facebook posts comparing the Michael Brown case to the OJ Simpson case. Judging by the wording of the posts, the posters consider themselves quite clever as they point out that “white people didn’t riot when OJ Simpson was acquitted.”

First, it is disappointing to see how quick people are to judge when they have not walked in another person’s shoes. I don’t know if Officer Wilson was right or wrong in what he did, I wasn’t there, it is not my place to judge him. It is also not my place to judge how a people responds to deep psychic pain. Second, to compare the Michael Brown case to the OJ Simpson case is irresponsibly ignorant. OJ’s acquittal says more about how we devalue women and over value celebrities then it says about race.

In addition, whether one agrees with what Officer Wilson did or not, what happened in Ferguson is a monumental tragedy. First, an 18 year old man lost his life after doing what I have witnessed countless teenage boys do: shoplifting and walking in the street. His body was left to bake in the hot sun for four hours before it was removed. This loss tore open a deep wound in that community.

What happened in Ferguson Monday night is a large scale of what I see every day as a psychiatrist: people who are so angry and wounded they give up and destroy themselves. That community committed a form of collective suicide. It is as morally repugnant for us to use these events as a form of entertainment as it would be to make an individual who died from suicide an object of derision.

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